Support Healing in America Midwest with a donation!

Healing in America Midwest is a charitable organization that focuses on improving the mental and physical health of those who seek to raise the quality of their lives. Combining the methodologies of traditional medical practice with the integration and supports of energy therapies, we support individuals through online classes, workshops, private and distant healing.

We ask you to donate to our cause and increase the well-being of those in need.



Support Healing in America Midwest with a donation!

Support us with a donation!

Much of our work extends out to people who are in need of additional care, such as those with chronic ailments and new traumas. For these clients, funding is often a hindrance to alternative therapies which why our organization formed, but we can’t do it alone. We need the support of our clients and we’re incredibly grateful for the gracious donations that our clients afford us.  Without you and your support, we can not offer the extent of our services.

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