Energy Therapy - An introduction class

Are you curious about how energy therapy works? Do you find yourself feeling out of balance at times?


It is possible to find a better life balance through an understanding of how energy works in our bodies and the world around us.
Join us for this informative, practical, and fun introductory class. You will learn simple ways to work with energy.  Plus, you’ll discover your path to healing and a renewed enjoyment of life.

This workshop is designed for those who are new to energy work, as well as those who would like to explore this field and their own inherent healing gift, prior to taking our life-changing weekend courses.

For more information on our full program, have a look at the Energy Therapy Certification.

We are offering this Introductory Energy Therapy class in two formats: In person at WoodsEdge Retreat and online with our midwest trainers, Laurie DeDecker, RN, and Rachael Rebain, RN, BSN.

WoodsEdge Retreat
August 6 – 10am -2pm
Online Classes
July 20th, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm



Energy Therapy - An introduction class

Energy is all around us, everyday in our normal lives. We use energy productively with tools like electricity. Yet there are so many ways that we interact with energy and don’t even recognize it. The first step to learning about energy is more like a discovery of it. In our classes we introduce you to using energy as a practice. As you may have heard, there are many different types of Energy Therapy. Some people refer to modalities such as Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Sound Therapy, Light Therapy, and there’s more. All these different practices have the same foundation practice of using energy therapy for healing. At Healing in America – Midwest, our trainers come from the medical side of life. We have nursing backgrounds (career wise) and have seen first hand how energy therapy has helped many people. We are also “into” the science behind how it all works and would love to share this with you.   In this introductory class, we will give you a glimpse into these types of practices and explore the ones that we work with.

Everyone is welcome! We have a diverse group of people seeking out energy therapy. Many people are introduced to this at times of real need. Typically when they are trying overcome a barrier in life or even a medical need. Our groups are inclusive of everyone, any age with any background. Come learn with us!

We have been offering introductory classes both online and in person at our WoodsEgdge Retreat near Rapid Falls, MI.

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