Module 3 - Graduation in our Healing Certification Class

The first module, Your Awakening Path – Module 1, will open the door into your own journey of personal growth through empowerment, and alignment with your authentic being. What does that mean? That means you will be given tools for everyday practice which are easy to incorporate where ever you are.

In Person Classes at the Woods Edge Retreat Center near Grand Rapids, MI
  • Weekend Class – November 18th (evening), 19th and 20th all day

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Module 3 - Graduation in our Healing Certification Class

Graduation is the third healing certification class in our Holistic Energy Healing Certification program. Graduation is open to all participants who have completed Modules 1 & 2, and wish to continue exploring.  Building on the previous classes, the focus is centered on increasing your skills and incorporating new areas, such as healing into death and dying, karma and reincarnation, communication skills, colour, sound, creative health, and the nature of disease and patterns in life etc. Graduating with a healing certification will give you the confidence to work with others using healing practices.

This class is currently being offered in both online classes and in-person at our WoodsEdge retreat near Grand Rapids, MI. We are currently offering in-person only, but make sure to check in with us as we are always updating our class schedules!

Interested in our first 2 modules? Check out our module 1 – Your Awakening Path and module 2 – Self Healing Transformation.

In general, growth in healing will a open the door into your own journey of personal growth through empowermentalignment with your authentic being, and harmonizing your presence in the world.  You will be given more tools for your own everyday practice which you can use where ever you are.

Our approach is practical. Our intention is to give you the tools to promote your own self-healing and bring about your own sense of well being and peace. Energy Healing is the act of restoring balance and harmony to the body, mind and spirit and it is a therapeutic approach which is natural, non-evasive and holistic.


  • Color Awareness
  • Sound & Movement
  • Healing into Death & Dying
  • Reincarnation & Karma
  • Levels of Communication
  • Cording & De-cording
  • Creative Health & Nature of Disease
  • Patterns in Life & Health
  • Healer Role in the Cosmic Plan
  • Emergency First Aid


  • Classroom style teaching in Michigan
  • Workshop Written Course Material
  • Coffee and tea is included (We’re sorry, lunch is not provided.)
  • 1 Year Membership (Post Completion)
  • 19 Contact Hours with 2 Healers


2 Full Days: 8 Hours
1 Evening: 3 Hours