Finding Life Balance Through and Understanding of Energy Therapy

Do you feel overwhelmed and exhausted by your life and your work? You’re not alone. The past year has been challenging for everyone. After such a difficult year, have you considered that it might be time to take care of yourself? Learn how to fill up your cup…

This course is designed to introduce you to life-changing methods that can do just that. The key to renewed energy and better balance lies in developing an understanding of how to work with the flow of energy in your life. We would like to share with you some simple but powerful energy-based skills and techniques that we have found invaluable in our own lives.

This workshop, led by certified Healing in America trainers Laurie DeDecker, RN and Rachel Rebain RN, BSN, will show you how to reconnect more fully with yourself and your life purpose through guided meditation and basic knowledge of simple energy-based methods that can bring body, mind, spirit, and emotion into better balance.



Finding Life Balance Through and Understanding of Energy Therapy


      • A discussion on Basic Energetic Principles
      • How to sense energy
      • The difference between healing and curing
      • The Healing in America path to developing a grounded and protected approach to your career and better life balance.
Virtual Class:  Zoom
Date: Saturday April 10th, 2021
Time: 10am – 11:30am EDT

April 10th 2021