Frequently Asked Questions

Energy Healing is the act of restoring balance and harmony to the body, mind and spirit of the client. It is a therapeutic approach which is natural, non-invasive and holistic. The intention is to promote self-healing and bring about a sense of well being and peace to the client.

An Energy Healing practitioner is able to act as a conduit, connecting to the universal energy source and will either lightly touch or work a few inches from the body. This allows healing energy to pass into the client’s energy field, thus restoring balance and harmony.

Holistic medicine teaches that the body’s energy system is a key element to maintaining health and vitality. When the body’s energy system becomes imbalanced and blocked, illness can result. By channeling universal energy through the Healing practitioner to the client, these blockages are energetically removed and the body starts to function as it is designed to.

Research has consistently found that energy healing:
• Speeds recovery from illness and injury
• Decreases pain and discomfort
• Reduces stress and anxiety
• Enhances immunity
• Creates a feeling of deep inner peace
• Lowers blood pressure
• Minimizes the side effects of medication
• Improves sleep

Lots. Please refer to our Research page.

The HIA method is a complementary method of energy healing that works alongside conventional medicine to augment the self-healing abilities of the body.

By learning about the HIA method of energy healing healthcare professionals will develop a broad understanding of not only the HIA method itself, but also develop an expertise in the broad field of energy medicine and the science that underlies this powerful healing technique. This knowledge allows healthcare professionals to expand their scope of practice, and allows them the option to become certified in the HIA method. It will also allow them to understand the differences between valid methods of energy medicine, to better guide them as they work with patients who are either already receiving some form of energy medicine, or are searching for a properly trained energy medicine practitioner.

The HIA courses are accredited by the American Holistic Nurses Association and provide continuing education credits for nurses and massage therapists. They are appropriate for Nurses, Physicians, Chiropractors, Naturopaths and Massage Therapists and any other healthcare providers interested in learning more about the rapidly growing field of energy medicine.

Energy healing is perhaps the oldest medical intervention, dating back thousands of years. Even the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, was a hands on energy healer. The Healing in America Energy Healing Method was instituted by Harry Edwards in 1954.

There are a number of energy healing modalities available today. For all of them, the energy originates from the same place and the differences have to do with country of origin and how the practitioner is trained to attune to the universal energy source. Reiki originated in Japan and teaches the use of symbols in the attunement process. The Healing in America Method originated in England and does not involve the use of symbols. Healing in America offers a certification program which insures the practitioner has met certain standards of training and practice.  Reiki does not offer a certification program.  For more information, see our video, What is Healing in America?

No. But an open mind is helpful.  Universal energy can be accessed for healing regardless of faith or belief systems.

A “cure” is a return to physical health or the absence of disease. For example, cancer goes into remission, tumours shrink and disappear, and paraplegics walk again. Healing restores balance to body, mind and spirit and may or may not include the cure of a disease process.

It is our belief, and the belief of our founder Harry Edwards, that everyone can learn to do energy healing.

It almost always helps in some way in that it brings relaxation and balance to body, mind and spirit and allows the body’s own healing mechanisms to go to work. It does not guarantee a cure although a cure often takes place.

We cannot guarantee a cure. Neither can medical doctors for that matter. But energy healing almost always brings about some benefit as it balances body, mind and spirit and allows the body’s own healing mechanisms to go to work.

Energy healing never does harm. However, in the course of receiving healing sessions, a patient sometimes feels slightly worse before feeling better. This is a result of the illness leaving the body and is considered a good sign.

Many people have a natural ability to do healing, but without learning how to ground and protect themselves, they can feel depleted or take on their client’s illness. Like a prodigy who can sit down at the piano and play by ear, they will only improve with lessons.

Answer by Nancy O’Donohue:   My mother raised me to be a gracious hostess, as well as a gracious guest. Thank you notes were a must. To this day, whenever I am invited to a friend’s home for dinner, my first question is, “what can I bring?”

Contribution and generosity are the cornerstones of a balanced life and something handed down from all ancient societies. There is a teaching among Native Americans that, “it’s hard for us to say, ‘thank you’ without something in our hands.”

Yes, healing is very natural. And it is the position of HIA, The Healing Trust and founder Harry Edwards that everyone has the innate ability to do healing.

But we also teach the importance of self-healing of the healer and learning to do energy healing in a grounded, protected manner for the protection of both the healer and the client. Training to enhance the gift is highly recommended. I have done healing sessions for natural healers who had absorbed so much of their client’s released negative energy that the healers themselves became sick. They may have had a natural gift, but not enough training to know how to use it fully and keep themselves well.

A client giving something in exchange for a healing session shows that the client values the time and effort the healer has put into enhancing what may have started out as a natural gift.

Research shows that the best healers have a strong meditation practice. All the time that goes into the healer’s own self-healing and spiritual practice adds to the benefit they are able to offer clients.

Last, but not least, being willing to give something in exchange indicates that the client is invested in and committed to their own healing. Money is a highly convenient medium of exchange in our society. But it’s not the only way to offer exchange. I have done healing for snow plowing, art work, house cleaning and a variety of other interesting trades.

The concept of exchange for value makes the world go round in a smooth, harmonious manner. And makes us all gracious guests on planet earth.

A client sits on a chair or lies on a massage table fully clothed. The healing can be done either by a light touch from the practitioner or with the practitioner’s hands a few inches off the body.  The amount of time the session takes may vary depending on the client’s needs.

Course tuition differs in different parts of the country. Please see the website page for the states nearest to you.

You may take just one course. To become certified as a healing practitioner by Healing in America you must take all three courses in order.

Upon taking Course 1 you may join HIA as an intern and commit to completing all three courses within a 2-year period. After 12 months, if all three courses have been completed, you may apply for certification. The certification process includes:

  • Keeping a log book of all courses, and healing events you have attended, books read and DVDs watched that are about healing, spirituality, body/mind medicine – anything showing your desire to advance on your healing path.
  • Submitting four client references
  • A panel interview where you demonstrate chair healing as we teach it and answering questions demonstrating your familiarity with our Code of Ethics.