Energy Healing Certification

From private healer, to certification, to trainer, to executive path

Energy Healing Pathways

Awakening Path- Holistic healing methods

This is the beginning of your journey with Healing in America! You have a desire to explore what energy healing is and how it can work for you. You learn the techniques and realize you also want to practice energy healing with family and friends.  These course give you the skills and experience to this.

Or you are already in a health care profession and are attending our workshops to gain professional hours but would like to become certified as Holistic Energy Healer and would like to work towards that goal.

You will need to:

  • Attend all three levels of the Certified Holistic Energy Healing Training modules (supported by two mentors).
  • Become an Intern Member of Healing in America (optional).
  • Gain contact hours for professionals


You want to become a Certified Holistic Energy Healer with the support of a national organization and begin your own practice. This certification give you the ability to work as a healer and take on clients.

To complete the certification, you will need to:

  • Complete the Certified Holistic Energy Healing Training Modules.
  • Join as an Intern Member (must complete the application process).
  • Maintain an Intern Log Book recording your experience practicing energy healing.
  • Agree to conduct your healing within Healing In America’s Code of Ethics.
  • Attend practice sessions.
  • Find 4 clients to work with.
  • Pass the Certification Exam on Code of Ethics (minimum 80% passing grade).
  • Perform a demonstration of Energy Healing (in person or via Skype).
  • Purchase liability insurance (mandatory).
  • Gain contact hours for professionals


You are certified with Healing in America and would like to teach our Energy Healing Modules 1, 2, and 3. This path is perfect for those healers that have a natural gift of teaching. Working with groups of people requires a different skill set and is not suitable for everyone so we offer this as either 1) become an assistant or 2) lead the classes. Everyone starts with assisting other trainers before they can move into leading their own class.

You will need to:

  • REPEAT the Certified Holistic Energy Healing Training modules (1,2, and 3).
  • Attend Healing in America’s Teachers Training (2 levels).
  • Apprentice with local or regional trainers
  • Get approved to run Certified Holistic Energy Healing Training modules independently.
  • Gain contact hours for professionals


You are a Certified Energy Healer with a desire to help expand  Healing in America’s vision. In the executive path, we are looking for those individuals who embody our mission to assist the health profession learn and adopt other healing practices. This path requires some trail blazing in terms of educating the public. Those with the will and desire to will be paired with another healer who has worked in the field and has proven success with developing a solid outreach process in sales and marketing. Regional market development happens various areas in society, such as churches, hospitals, physician’s practices, hospices, veterans and many more.

In addition to practicing energy healing, you will:

  • Develop both national and regional speaking engagements.
  • Support sponsors and donors.
  • Assist and approve Certified Trainers for local markets.
  • Assist with regional administrative responsibilities.
  • Adhere to national marketing objectives for Healing in America.
  • Promote Certified Holistic Energy Healing Training.

This last path to becoming a Regional Executive for Healing in America is ideally for those who are passionate about America’s overall health care system (and the world!), and thus requires a solid working relationship with our board members and founders. The process for getting to this level requires recommendations and extensive interviews, plus a proven professional working relationship with Healing in America.