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Our midwest classes are taught by Laurie DeDecker and Rachel Rebain

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Finding the right course for you

Energy Therapy Certification

Our Energy Therapy Certification provides the foundational tools to practice energy healing with yourself, friends, and family.


Our workshops are independent topics that our clients have requested. 


Online Classes

With the pandemic chaos calming down, many of us are now efficient with using online resources! Well done us! We are excited to announce we are creating online courses and they should be available soon. 


Distant Healing

Distant healing is performed by transmitting intentional energies toward the client over any distance.

Private Sessions

Our private sessions offer one-on-one healing for those people who need the safety and comfort of privacy in order to explore the imbalance of mind, body, and spirit.

Free Meditation Download

Coming soon! We will be offering free meditations practices. 

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