Why are we here?

This morning the world outside my window is white. A fresh layer of snow covers the ice that fell as freezing rain over New Year’s Day. As usual, the birds are joyfully eating their breakfast at the feeder and the bright red of the numerous cardinals in the trees brightens the scene. This year the …

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Finding the quiet

Today dawns bright with sun. We’ve finally had some gentle soaking rain after a dry spell. Last night the lightening bugs put on their summer light show. I’m watching a house finch feed its children as I sit and write on this day of the summer solstice. The longest day of the year! I love …

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Our Natural World

I look at the natural world around me this morning as I write, and I think about what an interesting week it’s been. Last weekend was literally overflowing with rain meant to wash the old away, making way for the new. That was followed by some perfect summer days. This morning the sun came up …

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