Why are we here? and What is energy clearning?

What is energy clearing?

This morning the world outside my window is white. A fresh layer of snow covers the ice that fell as freezing rain over New Year’s Day. As usual, the birds are joyfully eating their breakfast at the feeder and the bright red of the numerous cardinals in the trees brightens the scene. This year the cardinals have come in larger numbers than usual. A beautiful gift to brighten these changing times! As I look at the calm and beautiful scene outside my window it is hard to imagine the many shifts and changes that happened in the past year. In fact, I don’t know anyone that didn’t feel challenged in some major way in 2020. So now that we are beyond the ‘the year that was’ and into a new year and new energy, how do we work to regain our footing? How do we make sense of it all, when so many major things have shifted in our world? In essence, how do we manage our energies and what is energy clearing? Read on for a few of my thoughts.
The first thing we need to touch on is the question of ‘why are we here?’ In other words, why do we come from a place of pure light and love into this dense, heavy world of physical form? Why would we lower our vibration from that of pure spirit to experience the challenges and pain of this physical existence? The short answer from a spiritual perspective is: so that our soul can learn, grow and gain experience about what it means to be fully human. It’s as simple as that. We can put any number of religious filters on that answer and change it to fit our own personal view, but in its simplest form, that is what I’ve come to understand. An additional part that often may be left off is that we come to do these things from a place of LOVE. In fact, I’ve been told more than once that our whole time here on Earth is meant to be all about learning and growing in LOVE. We come from pure Light and LOVE, our spirit is made of pure Light and LOVE, we manifest in physical/human form to learn to express that Light and LOVE in all we do.
How is love expressed in our life?
So, this is one way to look at the year in review.
  • How was that LOVE expressed in our life?
  • From our day-to-day, how many gifts of grace and LOVE did we experience?
  • How were we able to spread that LOVE to others in our life?
  • Who were the human angels that shined Light and LOVE in our darkness?
  • Who were we blessed to share our Light and LOVE within their time of need?
If life was always perfect, sunny and filled with ease, what would we learn? It’s in the times of darkness and challenge that we can see the Light of Unconditional LOVE shine the brightest. Make a list or journal on the things that come to mind for you, and then in some way, give thanks for the Light and LOVE that you experienced. Even if it’s been the toughest year of your life, see if you can find one bright light that appeared in your darkness, then write it down and offer gratitude for it. Notice how it feels as you recognize and give thanks for what you’ve received.
Another way to help us make sense of the past year is to look at the choices our soul has. We are not here by accident. So, what if we chose to be here at this specific time? What if we chose these specific experiences and challenges? What if it’s not about the balance in our bank account, but about the amount of LOVE we express in this world? How does that change the events of the past year? What have we learned? What were the pearls of our year? Spend some more quiet time thinking about some of those ‘what ifs’. You may come up with more questions of your own. Again, list them or journal on what comes up when you sit with these questions and their answers. How does your perspective change after thinking about these questions and focusing on the LOVE inherent in the challenges?
Know also that sometimes, there are no immediate answers to our questions of ‘why’. Sometimes we need to live through and beyond these deep life changing experiences before they make any sense. Sometimes we need to heal out of them, and beyond them in order to gain better perspective. In those instances, or when you find yourself in a place where your path forward doesn’t’ seem clear, remember the one simple question: What would LOVE do? You will make a better choice if you come from a place of Unconditional LOVE, because LOVE never harms, LOVE is always kind, LOVE can do anything and it conquerors all! When in doubt, LOVE!
Which choices improve our vibrational energy?
I say these things not to sugar coat the difficult things. Sometimes life simply sucks! I say them because we have a choice in how we react to challenges, and how we view the life lessons that come our way. What if it’s not just about falling down and getting back up, but the choices we make as we get back up? We can play the low vibrational victim, which means we learn our lessons through that negative lens, or we can choose to raise our vibration to learn and grow in a more positive way. Remember, the only things we can control are our actions and reactions in this moment. The choice is yours! What happens when you choose LOVE?
Diving Timing
So, as we work to makes some sense of the many challenges of 2020, put them under the lens of LOVE. As I do that I can see the many miracles of this difficult leg of our physical journey. It’s truly been a challenging year on many levels for everyone in our family. As we started the year my daughter had many health struggles after more than 12 years of chronic illness. In the midst of the growing chaos she was blessed with a new and accurate diagnosis that gave her a path toward healing. Divine timing came into play with travel for a surgery that we now know has been life-changing. As I surrendered that whole journey to LOVE we had many miracles along the way. She still has challenges ahead, but she is healing in a way that I would never have thought possible at this time last year. It was a true miracle to sit with her at my healing center last night and listen to her speak her intentions for this new year! The amazing thing is that as I sat with the monumental task ahead of me early last year, as I tried to figure out how to support her through the overwhelming maze of challenges, I finally gave it up to the Source of Unconditional LOVE. I fully gave over control of it all to the Source and said I would simply show up and do what I needed to do in each moment, and I would rely on LOVE to guide me. A huge weight was lifted from me and the miracles after that were many. Some were small, some were unbelievable, and yet, here we are in a new place, starting a new year, and she and I are both more committed than ever to moving the Light of Unconditional LOVE forward. Words can’t adequately express the beauty we experienced mixed in with all the difficulties and the pain. And after all that she’s been through, she still stays connected to Unconditional LOVE and is working to spread that light to others suffering from the same conditions she has. It is beautiful to watch! She chose LOVE over fear!
A New Year with New Perspectives
Once we all put the past year into perspective and look to the new year ahead, none of us knows exactly how all of this will roll out. The world is still experiencing a lot of chaos. Change is the norm. We came to learn and grow in LOVE. If we intend to embrace those positive, high vibrational actions and reactions that we know, we can shift the weight of our burdens and lighten our load. Take care of each other, LOVE those who challenge you the most, and never forget that you are a beautiful soul filled with the Light of Unconditional LOVE. You are truly beautiful! I feel blessed to share this journey with you.
As I finish writing, a few gentle snowflakes are falling. The birds have finished the seed on the feeder. All is calm and quiet as though waiting to see what will happen in the moments and days ahead. I breathe in the calm and let it settle into my center so that I can take it forward into future moments. Moments of unknown joys and challenges. Moments where I will choose my response…where I commit to choosing calm. Where I will choose LOVE!
In LOVE and Gratitude! If you would like to learn more about our introductory healing class, we’d love for you to join us.