Support for Your Journey

The world outside my window is full of early morning shadows. There’s a cool breeze moving the leaves on the trees. The yard is full of birdsong as the natural world wakes up to a new day. The coolness is welcome after several hot humid days. I embrace the beauty of early summer.

Since we talked about simplicity a few weeks ago I’m amazed at how complex and challenging life can be overall. Sometimes it seems that the more I try to simplify certain aspects of life, the more difficult those things seem to become. There are things that lend themselves to simplicity and a few that don’t. That’s caused me to sit back and say: Hmmm, what’s going on here? As I wrote a few weeks ago, focusing on simplicity helps us to examine our busyness; to rethink things that no longer serve us, or that don’t yield any meaningful results for us. And yet, in the course of re-examining these things I realize that instead of trying to make all of life more simplistic, it might be more about finding ease and flow with all the complexities and changes swirling around us. We can simplify some aspects or areas of our life, while others may just remain complex and challenging due to the nature of these times. Maybe it really goes back to the mantra of changing the things we can and letting go of those we can’t, while developing the wisdom to know the difference between the two. Ah, discernment!

So today I thought I’d focus on how to find ease and flow in the areas of our lives where we can’t just ‘simplify’ things. Another way to look at it might be: How to embrace and flow with complexity. Read on for more thoughts on just that.

To start, go back to the process we talked about a few weeks ago on how to Simplify. (If you need another copy, email me and I’ll forward it to you.) Then, examine the things in your life that you have been able to simplify, and also look at the things that have been defying simplification. Another way to look at it is: What things keep coming back to you full of complexity? Journal on both to help you find clarity. The things that lend themselves to simplicity can be dealt with in that manner. The things that seem to either get more complex as you work to simplify them, or are just too complex to tackle from that angle; are the things to focus on for finding ease and flow.

Once you have some clarity on the complex issue(s) in your life, pick one to focus on, rather than trying to tackle them all at once. Take some quiet time to meditate, or walk in nature, as you ponder this issue. What makes it so complex? What pieces of this issue are within your control? What aspects of it are out of your control? There’s no one right way to look at this. What you want to identify are the pieces that are beyond your control. You may find that all aspects of the situation are out of your control.

Once you’ve found the complexities that defy simplification, work to open to the mystery in them. If life is about learning and growing as a soul, your life plan must include a path and the resource for you to move through, or to overcome, these seemingly unconquerable obstacles. What resources do you have, both in your physical life, as well as your spiritual life, to tackle these challenges? What resources do you need to call in to support you? Use your intuition…what do you sense? (Make sure the energy center at the middle of your forehead, your third eye, is open and balanced.) Get clear on these things. What do you sense that you need to do next, and then after that? And after that? It’s not that you need to solve the issue in one session, in fact, it’s best that you take one step at a time and then come back to check in with your intuition again. It goes back to taking the one next right step, over and over again. Find the flow in the decision-making process. What works specifically for this one issue? As always, journal about the issue, your resources, and the process you discern.

Then, in whatever way you speak to the Universe, give thanks for those talents and resources you already have available. They are a gift to help you move forward. Next, find a way to open to the learning and growing that needs to happen to support the process of moving forward, and ask for the additional, or new, resources you need to do that. As we’ve discussed in prior newsletters, it can be as simple as “help me, help me please. Thank you” or as detailed as a list of all the physical and spiritual resources you feel you need to call in so you can move forward in your learning and growing. Once you’ve set up a way to ask for what you need, give gratitude as if what you’ve asked for is already manifesting in your life: “Thank you for these new tools and resources!”

Once you’ve gone through the above process to set things in motion, work at the concrete things you determined you can move forward on, and also watch for the signs and gifts from the Universe in response to your requests. Remember, they may not be things that seem like answers upfront. If ‘strange’ things pop into your life, don’t dismiss them. Instead, take time to sit in silence with them and work to discern what they might be. Do they seem to be a piece of the puzzle you’re trying to solve? Are they a workable solution even though they aren’t a part of your ‘plan’? How do they symbolically fit with the situation or your process? Remember, there are no coincidences. There’s meaning in everything that finds its way into your life. What’s important is that you begin to recognize these gifts for what they are and give thanks for the support they provide for you on your journey. ‘Notice’ and give gratitude always!

A reminder: Free will allows you to accept or reject anything you choose to, so choose wisely! You can only receive support if you allow it to come into your life.
Again, journal and revisit the process as needed along the way. Ask for what you need and expect that you’ll receive it in a way that fits with your life plan. If you ask to win the lottery to provide for the abundance you seek in life, and your soul chooses a different path to abundance, then lottery tickets are not likely to bring you what you seek. If things don’t appear to be moving it could indicate the need for patience, or you may need to make some other adjustments along the way. Sit with it all and discern the next steps. Know that everything will manifest when it’s time. Give gratitude for all the little things that come on to your path along the way! Repeat the process as necessary. When you feel the flow in this first area, then move on to other things from your original list. One next right step at a time!

So often it seems we’ve been programmed to fight and struggle to get what we need. If we see life as a battle, it will be a battle. When we let go of the struggle and relax into the process; when we allow things to flow into and through our life, we can find more ease in the process. If we acknowledge that life is about moving through challenges, learning and growing, we can find a new way forward. We can flow with the process, rather than fight our way through. Go with the flow!
May this time of change, rebirth and transformation bring you to a new place of ease and flow with all that’s manifesting in your life at this pivotal time! You’re a beautiful healing light in this world and I send love and blessings for your journey.

As I finish these words I notice the deep cool green of the shadows under the trees out my south-facing window. As the day warms up, the birdsong seems to have faded into the distance. The breeze is stronger as it flows through the trees. The breeze never seems to worry when it meets an immovable object. It simply flows around it and continues to move on as it’s meant to do! May you learn to flow effortlessly through life like a warm, gentle breeze!
Summer Blessings,