Our Natural World

I look at the natural world around me this morning as I write, and I think about what an interesting week it’s been. Last weekend was literally overflowing with rain meant to wash the old away, making way for the new. That was followed by some perfect summer days. This morning the sun came up bright and it’s supposed to be hot. It’s calm right now as though the world is waiting for the heat.

As I look back over this past week, it seems to me that our world has gotten very complicated. Life is no longer simply about being honest, kind, and industrious. There seem to be so many unrealistic expectations, manufactured truths, and negative messages in our days, and if a person doesn’t meet up to a certain expectation then they are put down, disposed of, or otherwise notified of their deficiencies. Have you ever felt as if someone expected you to be able to do more than you are able to in the moment? Superhuman? Or, maybe I’m the only one that has ever felt that way?

I believe that one of the important things we are being asked to look at in this changing time is who we each came to be in this life. Did we come to meet everyone else’s expectations, or is there an inner essence in us that understands that we came to be an expression of Unconditional Love in physical form, however, we choose to express that? To help clarify for yourself, take some time to sit with these things:

Do you know who you came to be in this life? Do you have some idea of your life purpose?

Do you feel that you have the latitude and freedom to be who you were born to be on a moment-by-moment basis?

How many times a day are you able to freely express your thoughts, feelings, and emotions?
When you do, are they accepted as valid, or do you sense things like judgment or rejection of some part of them?

Are there areas of your life where you feel your true essence is fully accepted? Are there other areas where it is not?

How often are you able to express that part of you that is Unconditional Love?

Do others in your life appreciate you for who you are, or do they ask you to change to better meet their expectations?

If you could change one thing about your life in a positive way, what would it be? Is there a reason why you couldn’t start to envision that change right here and now?

I write these questions today to encourage you to look at who you are and how well you feel it aligns with who you came to be in this life. This is not to say you should run off and change everything, or undertake some major redo of your life. It is really because as the world starts over again, we have the opportunity to create a kinder, gentler world… a life the aligns better with our true essence, if it has not done so in the past. Who do you want to be in the future? How does that look? What simple things can you do today to start to gently move in that direction?

There is no better time than now to open to our future…to begin to create the new world we dream of. As we’ve touched on before, the old must fall away in order to make room for the new, or maybe it flows away in a flood-like last week. As we all move in the direction of Unconditional Love in all our words, thoughts and deeds we really can be part of the necessary change we want to see. What is your part in all of this?

I’m working on these same issues in my life. I feel like the caterpillar in the cocoon. The past me has dissolved. I am fluid but moving towards a new way of being solid again, and I am thinking about what I want that new me to look like. What kind of wings do I want? Lots of wild colors, or gentle pastel shades? What I do know is that I want to resonate at the frequency of Unconditional Love, so I am opening to what that looks like, and how I can manifest that. Asking my angels and guides to support me. Asking the Universe to send me exactly what I need, exactly when I need it.

I would love to hear your thoughts on all of this. What is your vision of a beautiful new you and a beautiful future?

Regardless of what you choose to call in for your future, remember, that you are enough, just as you are in this moment, and every moment! You are a beautiful soul with a light that shines as bright as the sun! May you shine that light brightly for the world to see. Remember, the light of a single candle in the darkest night can be seen from a mile away. If we all shine that brightly and connect our collective lights, we can light up the world with our Unconditional Love! May it be so!

As I finish writing on this day where we celebrate independence, I notice how easily the four-legged and winged ones around me move through their morning. They seem unconcerned with anything other than this moment as a gentle breeze begins to whisper through the trees. The birds each sing their own song, often similar to others of their species, but each in their own way. May you move closer to singing our unique song in your own way, one moment at a time!

Holding you in the Light!