healing in america midwestWhat others have to say about our courses:

A very comprehensive course the covers many avenues of health, which are useful for self-healing an professionals. A wide subject matter. Michigan

Lots us useful information on the practice and theory of energy healing. Michigan

I feel I am meant to do this! Michigan

A great booster for self healing and balance. Love Heals. Michigan

It helped me become a better person. Michigan

Level 3 helps to take previous knowledge and techniques and helps to guide you in the direction you would like to go. Michigan

“This course helped me to explore a deeper dimension of healing within myself.  Michigan

“This course was a spiritual awakening as well as a physical healing. I am eager to continue to grow and learn more.” Michigan

“This class was a wonderful learning experience.” Michigan

I enjoyed this class immensely!! It went by so fast! You were extremely knowledgeable about the subject and adept at delivering the information. Michigan

Excellent workshop! It’s so exciting to be learning “state of the art” holistic material that I believe will explode eventually into the mainstream of our country. Thank you so much! Michigan

Your course empowers me to empower others, which makes the world glow with light. Michigan