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The UK’s most trusted healing body since 1954 is now in the United States as Healing in America School of Energy Medicine. Our Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner Training Program is designed for those people new to healing as well as experienced therapists and practitioners and should be attended in order. Continuing education hours are available to nurses and massage therapists.

Module 1 participants leave knowing how to give healing to people who are sitting in a chair. It’s designed as a foundation for the other courses. Subjects include The History of Healing, The Breath, Protection, The Human Energy Field, Energy Centers and their Functions, Creative Mind, Spiritual Nature of Healing, Practical Healing, Stress, Self Healing, Visualization in Distant & Contact Healing and Code of Ethics

Module 2 participants leave knowing how to give healing on a massage table.  You will look more closely at Self Healing of the healer and also goes into subjects at a deeper level. Topics include Childhood Influences on Personal Balance, Self-Healing, Using a Massage Table for Healing, Responsibilities of Being a Healer, Accentuating the Positive, Releasing Limiting Beliefs and Distant Healing.

Module 3 participants leave able to conduct a full healing on a massage table in a professional setting.   It also covers concepts around Death and Dying, Creative Health and the Nature of Disease, the Healer’s Role in the World Today, Communication Skills, Color Awareness, Sound & Movement Therapy, Healing into Death [hospice], and Patterns in Life and Healing.

Contact hours available for nurses and massage therapists taking our weekend courses



We offer Healing Circles and evening and half-day introductory classes to give you a feel for our courses.

Hour and a half class: “Your Healing Gift: An Introduction to Energy Healing” covers the history of healing; what “energy healing” is; the difference between a “healing” and a “cure”;  research on the benefits of energy healing;  how a healing is conducted by Healing in America members.

Our half- day class, “Your Healing Gift,” includes energy healing tools you will be able to use immediately in a grounded, protected way:

• Guided Meditation & Healing Circle
• Sensing Energies
• The History of Healing
• The Creative Mind in Health
• Attunement for Healing, Protection & Grounding
• Demonstration & Practice of Healing

Please see the page for your state to see what’s scheduled.